MACreative is a new concept created for Members of The Mid-America Club of Chicago.

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the breathtaking views at 80 floors above the Chicago Loop. It’s a place to work, network, experience delicacies at every meal, join fun committee events, and make meaningful, lasting friendships. You can even spend countless hours watching the Peregrine falcons take flight above the club windows. Broadening horizons, both literally and figuratively, is what our beautiful community in the sky offers. This fact is at the essence of why MACreative was implemented.

MACreative will honor the diverse culture and creativity our members possess, a series of events to explore various aspects of our inner Muse. Creativity of all kinds will be celebrated. No previous experience is required to participate. If you’re interested in getting a glimpse into topics discussed in previous meetings, check THIS out.

Join us as we engage various aspects of the conceptual spark that is ready to be ignited – every facet of creativity will be explored, with topics spanning the spectrum of imagination: music, written composition, fashion, poetry, photography, art, dance, culinary pursuits, philosophy, abstract design, and celebrating cultural traditions that inspire and fuel what makes our lives more interesting and unique.

Let’s get MACreative together!

Our Volunteers:
Chair and Board of Governor’s Member: Rebecca Bachleda-Wraj
www.beccavry.com e-mail: Beccavry@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Nyela Malone

More information about MAC Events and Membership can be found by calling (312) 861-1100 or visiting HERE.

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