Celebrate creativity while exploring inspiring topics with the Mid-America Club of Chicago.

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The Mid-America Club of Chicago is excited to unveil a new concept that will honor the diverse culture and creativity our members possess.

MACreative will be a quarterly event to explore various aspects of our inner Muse. Creativity of all kinds will be celebrated. No previous experience is required. Join us as we engage various aspects of the conceptual spark that is ready to be ignited – every facet of creativity will be explored, with topics spanning the spectrum of imagination: music, written composition, fashion, poetry, photography, art, dance, culinary pursuits, philosophy, abstract design, and celebrating cultural traditions that inspire and fuel what makes our lives more interesting and unique.

Let’s get MACreative together!

Here are current and future events:

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

6pm – Philosophical Musings: A Beginner’s Discussion about Rationality
MEET THE AUTHOR: Ivan Phillips

“Critical thinking refers to corrections we make to human thinking to get back to the ideal rational path. Critical thinking is a very good thing, and we need much more of it in our schools. However, teaching critical thinking without teaching rationality is like teaching only the errors of thinking. We should also teach the ideal.”

Ivan Phillips

Curiosity and learning are driven by questions, but how do we know what to ask in order to get the most effective answers? This is where the skill of critical thinking becomes so important.

Our special guest Ivan Phillips will give us a gentle introduction to rational thinking. Ivan earned his doctorate in theoretical physics from Northwestern University studying methods for detecting differences between matter and antimatter at colliders. He is a Rationalist and the author of Textbook Rationality and a frequent speaker on science and rational thinking. Ivan advocates for the teaching of rationality in high schools, where a course on rational thinking can tie together topics in science, critical thinking, and statistics. He applies his professional knowledge to every topic he specializes in, and The MidAmerica Club and MACreative welcome him as our special guest this evening!

Buy Ivan’s Book HERE.

Ivan’s Twitter and Facebook


December 1, 2021 – Quilting with Todd Gray.

February 9, 2022 – MACreative’s Celebration of Black History Month – More details coming soon.

Spring 2022 – A celebration of the Spring Equinox – an Elysium Harvest Feast and Wine event celebrating Greek Myths and Greek Wine. Paid event. Limited seating. More details coming soon.

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